Staff Directory


Photo of Lindsey Bates

Lindsey Bates

Vice Principal

Photo of Kelly Scully

Kelly Scully

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Arlene Trach

Arlene Trach

Photo of Sharon Zweifel

Sharon Zweifel


Photo of Jesse Atkinson

Jesse Atkinson


Photo of Kristi Barnes

Kristi Barnes


Photo of Kari Boulay

Kari Boulay


Photo of Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell


Photo of Raelynn Falcon

Raelynn Falcon

Jr. High LA

Photo of Monique Hart

Monique Hart

Foods & Counselling

Photo of Jillian Innes

Jillian Innes

Maternity Leave

Photo of Kristy Kaye

Kristy Kaye

Inclusive Learning & Social Studies

Photo of Kaitlyn MacKinnon

Kaitlyn MacKinnon

Maternity Leave

Photo of Lorne Maier

Lorne Maier

Social Studies

Photo of Lindsey McLaren

Lindsey McLaren

Maternity Leave

Photo of Madison Nelson

Madison Nelson

Phys. Ed

Photo of Nicole Polishuk

Nicole Polishuk


Photo of Monica To

Monica To


Photo of Colby Tyner

Colby Tyner

Gr. 7 LA & Social

placeholder image for Lee Woodward

Lee Woodward

Phys. Ed.

Photo of Curtis Zorniak

Curtis Zorniak


Support Staff

Photo of Raynette Schroeder

Raynette Schroeder

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Judy Smith

Judy Smith

Learning Commons Facilitator

Educational Assistants

Photo of Nicole Challenger

Nicole Challenger

Photo of Brandy Hopkins

Brandy Hopkins

placeholder image for Darleen Koppang

Darleen Koppang


Photo of Lori Wilhelm

Lori Wilhelm