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Information about JR Robson's Bring Your Own Device

Schools across the province and around the world have incorporated the use of electronic devices into student learning for some time now. J.R. Robson is no different. We need our students to have 24/7 access to ideas, resources, people and communities. This can only be achieved through personally owned electronic devices. 

There are some important points to clarify. The personal electronic devices (PED) are laptop computers, netbook computers and/or tablet computers that are owned by a student. The students will be engaged in a level of work that cannot be accomplished with Smartphones/handhelds or MP3 players. The PED’s are not just for ‘surfing’ the internet; use of PED’s will continue to be planned and purposeful by the teacher in order to assist the students in achieving the curricular outcomes. 

The educational demands of our students are constantly evolving. Facilitating our students’ 24/7 education with current technology to provide real-time information and communication is no longer a choice or a luxury, it is a reality. It is my responsibility to work collaboratively with you as parents and J.R. Robson School teachers to ensure that our students are always on the leading edge of education. 

Mr. Lindsey Bates
B.Sc., BEd., MEd.