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Awards were presented to students on November 4. Thank you to Mrs. Wilhelm for all her hard work in organizing this event, Mrs. Schroeder for selecting the Awards books, and Mrs. Scully for hosting. Thank you also to all the local businesses, organizations and individuals who sponsor an award.

Photo Gallery below

Award Winners List

(School Subject - Sponsor; Winner)

Grade 7

English 7 - TD Canada Trust; Ali Crowe

Math 7 - School Council; Ali Crowe

Physical Education 7 - Fountain Tire; Asia Clark & Aiden DeSilva

Science 7 - REMAX; Ali Crowe

Social 7 - MACK Clothing; Denae McGrath


Grade 8

English 8 - TD Canada Trust; Aaralyn Tupper

Math 8 - Boston Pizza, Vermilion; Reo Martin

Physical Education 8 - UFA Farm Supply Store; Deverin Woywitka

Science 8 - Webb’s of Vermilion; Reo Martin

Social 8 - J.M.H. Chartered Professional Accountants; Will Johnston & Colt Sweeney


Grade 9

English 9 - Vermilion River Law; Kinley Davies & Mya Jaremco

Math 9 - REMAX; Kinley Davies

Physical Education 9 - Vermilion Credit Union; Linden Adams

Science 9 - CARSTAR Vermilion; Kinley Davies

Social 9 - Vermilion Standard; Kinley Davies


Junior High Awards

Jr. High Best Female Athlete in School Sports - ATB Financial; Jada Sanford

Jr. High Best Male Athlete in School Sports - Integra Tire; Linden Adams

Jr. High Citizenship Award Female - Rural Roots Florists & Barnyard Creations; Jada Sandford

Jr. High Citizenship Award Male - Scotia Bank; Steven Bancroft


Grade 10

Art 10 - Vermilion Art Club and Delta Art & Drafting; Lexxus Lafoy & Kira Jaremco

CTS Foods 10 - REMAX; Samara Hemauer, Natalie Symes & Kira Jaremco

CTS Industrial Education 10 - RONA; Regan Sargeant

English 10-1 - Long’s Value Drug Mart; Olivia Elder

English 10-2 - Lori Wilhelm; Ella Power

Math 10C - Masonic Lodge; Olivia Elder

Math 10-3 - J.R.Robson School Council; Jason Trivett

Physical Education 10 - ATB Financial; Kira Jaremco

Science 10 - Vermilion Veterinary Clinic; Olivia Elder & Kira Jaremco

Science 14 - Vermilion Credit Union; Ella Power

Social 10-1 - J.R.Robson Social Studies Dept.; Olivia Elder

Social 10-2 - Vermilion Credit Union; Dustin Teasdale


Grade 11

Art 20 - Vermilion Art Club and Delta Art & Drafting; Amaya Myhovich

Biology 20 - TD Canada Trust; Alexandra Polishuk

Chemistry 20 - Ferbey’s Sand & Gravel; Alexandra Polishuk & Emma French

English 20-1 - Cornerstone Co-op; Korey Hemauer

English 20-2 - College Park Motors; Brady Nelson

Math 20-1 - Vermilion Credit Union; Alexandra Polishuk

Math 20-2 - Stewart Realty; Keysha Strinja

Math 20-3 - Vermilion Credit Union; Connor Johnson

Physical Education 20 - TD Canada Trust; Deyton Selte

Physics 20 - Advantage Insurance and Investment Advisors Inc.; Alexandra Polishuk

Science 24 - Vermilion Credit Union; Cheylyn Kochan-Erdman

Social 20-1 - AG Foods; Haley Tovell

Social 20-2 - Vermilion Credit Union; Almotawakil Suliman


Senior High Awards

Grade 10-11 Citizenship - Male - Webb's Machinery; Kolten Sheppard

Grade 10-11 Citizenship - Female - Webb's Machinery; Alexandra Polishuk

Most Improved Student - Pirate Crew Student Leadership Association; Jason Trivett

Senior High Best Female Athlete in School Sports - Vermilion Jeweler; Alexandra Polishuk

Senior High Best Male Athlete in School Sports - The Co-operators; Brenton Romanchuk & Landon Reiniger

W.J.McGinnis Scholarship

Open to industrial arts students from grades 7 – 12 both male and female, for outstanding performance.

Awarded to Deyton Selte & Emma French

Spirit of J.R. Robson Award - Monique Hart

This Award is given to the student, staff or community member, who best displays the qualities of a Marauder: a person who has a fighting spirit of the high seas, maintains the integrity of the ship that is J.R. Robson, displays positive school spirit, pushes themselves to the limits of their potential and is an ambassador of goodwill for the school.

Awarded to: Kora Smith


Grade 12

Art 30 Award - Vermilion Art Club and Delta Art & Drafting; Holly Arychuk

Art 31 - Monica To; Caitlyn Arychuk

CTS Industrial Education 20/30 - Webb’s of Vermilion; Zade Rodh & Kaymin Nelson

Becky Scott English 30-1 - County of Vermilion River; Madison Tovell

Becky Scott English 30-2 - County of Vermilion River; Connor Gould

Biology 30 - Vermilion Eye Center; Madison Tovell

Chemistry 30 - CIBC; Hunter L'Heureux

Math 30-1  - Preston Community Association; Madison Tovell

Math 30-2 - Western Financial Group; Cole Teasdale

Math 30-3  - J. R. Robson School; n/a

Math 31 - Northern Lights Realty;  Madison Tovell

Physical Education 30 - MACK Clothing; Clay Bryden

Physics 30 -  Shopper's Drug Mart; Landon Reiniger

Social 30-1 - Vermilion Legion; Madison Tovell

Social 30-2 - Cartwright Family; Alexandra Polishuk

Science 30  - TD Canada Trust; Owen Campbell


Senior High Awards (Grade 12 Winners)

Community Closet Society of Vermilion Scholarship Each year the staff will select two grade 12 students, who best meet the following criteria: shows unselfish concern for the welfare of others, provides positive leadership within the school, shows respect for, and is respected by the staff and students, willingly assists in doing some of the many jobs around the school, which must be done but are not compulsory., demonstrates good deportment around the school, accepts the responsibility for self-discipline in behavior and work habits, enthusiastically support school activities as a spectator, worker, or participant, shows initiative in proposing activities and charges that would have a positive effect on the school.

Awarded to: Landyn Herzog & Lemonee Kostynuk

William and Alice Scarfe Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is established in memory of William and Alice Scarfe, early settlers in the Vermilion district. Alice was formerly a teacher at Island Hill School. The award is to be presented annually to a graduating student who best fits the following criteria: enrolled in post-secondary education in the field of science, medicine or nursing intending to do cancer research or enrolled in post-secondary education in the field of science, medicine, nursing or related medical field.

Awarded to: Maren Abuzukar

Rotary Club of Vermilion Award

Winners may be selected based on the following criteria: participation in Rotary Youth and/or other Exchange Programs, participation in activities that provide service to others, programs that strengthen school and/or community, actively promote goodwill toward others.

Awarded to: Maren Abuzukar

Cecil Quickstad Memorial Scholarship

Cecil Quickstad Memorial Award is awarded to a grade twelve student who has obtained at least 15 work experience/RAP credits during his/her high school years. The student also displays good work ethic, citizenship and community spirit.

Awarded to: Ashlyn Duchak

A.T.A Award - Presented to the two Grade 12 students with the highest academic average.

Awarded to: Madison Tovell, Maren Abuzukar & Ziqi Shang

Governor General Award - Given to the student with the highest academic average in Grade 12.

Awarded to: Madison Tovell

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